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October 21, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· News of the World says Christina Aguilera likes kinky sex, wants to fuck groupies. Along with our friends at the WOW Report, we ask: this is news? (News of the World, via WOW Report)

· Romanian porn star has orgy with cocaine-addled pro soccer player. God we love the tabloids. (The Sun UK)

· More news we knew already: Republicans have better sex lives than Democrats—and use more sex toys too. OK, so maybe we were surprised by that. (sexblo.gs)

· "With patent pending 'Talk Now,' singles may be only five minutes away from finding love." Or genital herpes, depending. (press release @ Yahoo!, via Boing Boing)

· Ah, unicorns. So pretty. So magical. So horny. (Quick Time video @ chrismullins.net)

· Thanks to our overcaffeinated blog sibling at Screenhead, there's a new song that we can't get out of our heads. "Lindsay, I heard a rumor thaaaaat ..." (Flash w/sound @ liquidgeneration.com, via Screenhead; Defamer is afflicted too)

· To the reader who suggested these pelvic exam training videos would be an appropriate link for Fleshbot ... not our thing, really, but we're sure there are plenty of medical fetishists you're making very happy today. (harvard.edu [!] - thanks (?) Jerry)


· Swedish model and "Survivor" star Frida Lundell was voted off the island by her fellow contestants. So much for that Scandanavian open-mindedness we've heard so much about. (fridalundell.se - thanks Pete)

· Meanwhile, controversy erupts in Spain over professional models being used as ball girls for tennis matches. Surely there's a dirty joke in there somewhere. (photos @ sify.com; more @ This Is London)

· Gay Porn Blog blows the mask off Michael Jackson's gay porn connections. Or at least talks about a book which may soon be doing the same. (Gay Porn Blog; more @ GaySexBlog.net)

· Finally, a how-to guide for the inner obnoxious cam whore in all of us. It's easier than we thought! (maddox.xmission.com, via uberbitch naomi)

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