From Iraq With Love, Part 2

October 20, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


It's been several weeks since we've had any naked dispatches from the war front, so we were especially glad to see these photos of a hot servicewoman making good use of her digital camera (not to mention her Army-issued camoflauge wall hanging and American flag). Wherever she is, we salute Spc. Perez for putting her patriotism out there where it counts—our morale's certainly been boosted for the day.

"From Iraq With Love - Specialist Perez, US Army Iraq - Naked" ( - thanks to Chris, Jason, Don, et al.)

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Update One reader shares his opinion of the photos, in case there's anyone out there doubting their authenticity this time:

"I did a year in Iraq and the water bottles and the surroundings make it appear that this is legit.
The water bottles sold it for me.

"I never saw chicks like that in the army or in Iraq, almost makes we want to go back ... not!
Conditions seemed to have improved from the first year!"

Thanks Chris!

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