Hot Spanish (And Brazilian) TV Babes


We like to tease the Japanese people for their completely incomprehensible yet insanely awesome television programming, but the truth is they aren't the only non-English speakers with TV shows that enthrall us with their wackiness—we've spent many a Saturday sitting slack-jawed in front of the boob tube as we tried to decipher the antics of "Super Sabado Gigante." ("Boob tube" being the operative phrase, since we've rarely seen anything less than a C-cup on any of the babes featured on that show.) There must be some kind of law that prevents Univision and Telemundo from ever broadcasting images of a woman who isn't ridiculously hot and/or scantily-clothed, and our journeys to the center of YouTube have shown Brazilian TV to be equally bizarre and good looking. (Co-ed hot-tub wrestling, anyone?) The fine folks at Pornzio are one step ahead of us, and have gathered some choice video clips to drive the point home, while we've added a few of our own after the jump. We have to wonder, do foreigners find our American shows equally bizarre and wonderful? We know that every time we realize "Las Vegas" is still on the air, we're usually left scratching our heads.

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· "Bellezas Sabado Gigante" (YouTube)

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· "Hispanic Stripper Dance" (YouTube)

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· Telenovela Catfight (YouTube) · "Spanish Television" (

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