Sluts On MySpace


The general consensus seems to be that MySpace is filled with sluts. (Or at least most fearmongering conservative commentators seem to think that's the case.) Yet for some reason, MySpace feels the need curtail that sluttiness by not allowing full-on nudity and other examples of overt slutitude on their site. So what's a slut to do? You could find your way to Sluts on MySpace, which features nude galleries submitted (or stolen; who can tell anymore these days?) by amateur babes (er, sluts), with a snapshot of each one's MySpace profile thrown for good measure. The purpose seems to be to create an outlet for these alleged sluts to share their wares, and also give others a chance to meet up with them and become BFFs. We confess to not being completely obsessed with the social networking giant (although you should totally add us, LOLZZ!!!! Luv ya sweetz1!!!!!), but since every MySpacer is either in porn or wants to be, this could be a potential gold mine of boobie pics. And besides, the world can always use more sluts.

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