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October 19, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· Our friends at Adrants seem to have a bit of a problem with this new television spot for Buell American Motorcycles: "Over and over, it's the same visuals of bikes, boobs and babes." Actually, we didn't see enough boobs, but to each his own. (.wmv video @ AdAge)

· Guessing celebrity bra sizes is a fun way to waste time at work, but it's also a lot harder than we thought it would be. Maybe you'll score better than we did. (Flash w/sound @ eu.org - thanks Joshua)

· If this isn't really Ron Jeremy's LiveJournal, it should be. Oy! (livejournal.com, via NewYorkish)

· Yes, we think this commercial is disturbing. What say you? (Pornblography)

· Behold the World's Largest Human Penis! And if you believe that, we're selling these pills that'll help you grow four inches overnight too. Call us for info. (TGP/preview gallery @ xxcastle.com, via Coolio's)

· Honestly, do you think if we really had a copy of the Bill O'Reilly sex tape that we'd inflict it upon our readers? We care to much about all of you to do something like that. (datelinehollywood.com - thanks D.)

· Who says sex is cheap? Certainly not us. (costofsex.com - thanks Lane)


· Lindsay Lohan Shaves Her Pussy. Yes, it's as stupid as it sounds. (glossynews.com)

· Boobdex asks: "What if He-Man and She-Ra had a baby together?" If you really want to know, take a look. (gallery @ *ahem* fleshdex.com)

· You're probably expecting us to say something mean about Fergie stripping for charity, but we won't—nor will we be signing the petition asking her not to. More power to ya, Duchess! (The Sun UK/Sunday Mail)

· And finally, to everyone who's been sending us all those links to articles about asexuality that've been floating around the last few days: now really, why do you think we'd be interested in something like that? (Metafilter, via Boing Boing)

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