Save The Breasts!

October 14, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


The 2004 Blogger Boobie-thon may be over, but the rest of October is still Breast Cancer Awareness Month—and as the reader who suggested this post wrote to us, "There are (not too surprisingly) a few outlets using the sexual allure of these precious, precious treasures to promote the fight for their survival." (Or as someone we decided to sponsor in a charity event this weekend puts it, "Breasts have done so much for you ... it's time to give back!")

Breast of Canada: 2005 Calendar (
"Girls With Balls" (2005 charity calendar information @
Tatdude: Healing Art (
2004 Central Park MSABC: Gregory Bonsignore (sponsorship info @ - thanks Albert)
See also: "National Breast Cancer Coalition Refuses Nude Dancers' Gifts" (Washington Post article @, 6/2004)

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