Hardee's Girl Commercial

October 13, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Adrants—which has pretty much become our sole source for all the fast food advertising pseudoporn news that's fit to print these days—has the skinny on the new Hardee's ad, which features "the very hot Cameron Richardson writhing, to the tune of Foghat's 'Slow Ride', atop a mechanical bull while having oral sex with a burger" and which has even inspired its own fan site. Hmm, big hunks of meat + hot babes on mechanical bulls ... maybe that whole Atkins porn trend we were all excited about earlier this year isn't completely passé after all?

"Model Has Sex on Bull for Hardee's" (Adrants)
Hardee's Girl: "All About The New Bacon Thickburger Commercial" (info and videos @ hardeesgirl.com)
See also: Cameron Richardson (Maxim, July 2000)

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