Rockin' Jelly Bean

October 13, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We're grooving on the creepily sexy (or sexily creepy, depending how you look at them) pop art pinup illustrations of Los Angeles-based artist Rockin' Jelly Bean, whose work reminds us of something the bastard love child of A. Vargas and R. Crumb would've created. Already a semi-legend in Japan, U.S. audiences can catch up with his "exploits of the female physique" via his current exhibition in Portland, on view through the end of October.

Erosty Pop! (online gallery and store @ - thanks Allan)
Rockin' Jelly Bean (news and photos @
"The Reflections, The Premiers, and The Projections: Rockin' Jelly Bean" (Compound Gallery, Portland, October 2004)

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