Ask Jolene vs. BMW

October 13, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


In one of the more curious trademark infringement cases we've heard about this year, German car manufacturer BMW AG has ordered Ask Jolene, our favorite source for many of the porn galleries we link to on Fleshbot, to remove the search results for the string "BMW" (all seven of them) from its database. We can sort of understand them not wanting their product to be associated as a hardcore BDSM prop, but why discriminate against fans of Big Mature Women as well? Lord knows they have a hard enough time finding material to get their motors running.

"BMW AG orders to remove search results" (press release @ Ask Jolene)
Search results for "BMW" (Ask Jolene)

Update More on the story at IT World, which observes "(BMW) may be heartened to know that it is not the most popular car maker among pornographers: searching for Porsche at AskJolene produces more than twice as many hits."

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