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February 2, 2007 | Posted in Amateur by jonno


Fleshbot crush object Plushie Schwartz has a problem—or several, actually: "I'm a guy in a bear suit with a drinking problem. I'm on a quest to find love but guys can't seem to handle my addiction for more than a few hot, sweaty nights." Good thing he's decided to channel all that loneliness and frustration into one of the sexiest, funniest, and all-around entertaining gay blogs we've come across lately, with posts that run the gamut from some of our favorite artists and photographers ("This book sits on my coffee table next to my half gallon of Vodka and bottle of poppers") to hot YouTube finds, clips from the various amateur smut sites he works on (hey, a plushie has to make a living too), and the silly things certain desperate porn stars do to get attention. While we wish Plushie all the best in his personal life, we hope he doesn't find a significant other anytime soon (or at least not one who stays around longer than the time it takes to make one of his homemade porn clips). We're too addicted to his blog already to have him give it all up for love.

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