"The Fighting Perverts"

October 11, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Speaking of geeks and skin, our twitching, bloodshot-eye'd colleague at Screenhead found a whole English-language site devoted to the Japanese Power Ranger Porn DVD we spotted a clip from last year and have been dying to see more of ever since: "'The Fighting Perverts' is a hilarious Japanese adult movie chronicling a team of heroes who fight to rid the world of evil naked women who wear ski masks ... Clearly, this is the stuff of legends." The DVD is now out of print and difficult to find, but don't despair: the site has a discussion board and information on tracking down a copy if you're as anxious to see the rest of it as we are.

"The Fighting Perverts": Japanese Power Ranger Porn (DVD info, screencaps, and discussion forums @ fightingperverts.com, via Screenhead)

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