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According to Adult Game Reviews' latest report, "the quest to recreate a personalized virtual slut continues" with VirtualFem: "Make a little small talk if you like, or just get right down to business and tell her to strip, play with herself, suck your cock, have sex, and a few other things." We haven't had a chance to take it for a spin ourselves, but it looks to us like a live-action cross between Japanese bishojo, Digital Playground's "Virtual Sex With ..." series, and "Dragon's Lair", the '80s arcade classic which we're surely not the only ones old enough to remember. The limited AI might be a drawback—apparently it can't understand several words you'd be likely to use in situations the game attempts to recreate—but if you prefer real curves to all those polygons in other virtual sex simulators, you might want to check it out.

Virtual Fem (review @ Adult Game Reviews)
VirtualFem (official game site)
See also: "Sim Sex Not So Scintillating" (Wired News, 6.2004)

Update VirtualFem's developer sends us the following status report:

"Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that we have today (10/12) posted a fix for the problems with the word 'pussy' mentioned in the AGR review. This was actually a small problem in the girls' Synonyms file, and easy to fix.

"The AI in VirtualFem is based on the industry standard for Artifical Intelligence chat bots (AIML). This means the AI in VirtualFem is easy to edit and add on to. While we realized we could not create a super-smart girl to start out, the knowledge and responses of VirtualFem will continue to evolve and improve.

"For now, she may be a little ditzy from time to time, but did that ever bother you in real life if the girl is hot enough? :)"

He may have a point there. Thanks Mike!

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