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October 12, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


Wherein we attempt to make up for today's seven hour server outage (damn those drunken monkeys!) in one post:

· Gals: tired of being called a "slut", a "whore", or a "spoogeaholic screwpuppet"? Vagiseal to the rescue! (.wmv video @ ttr2.com)

· Ron Jeremy gets Goatsed—and if you have to ask what that means, consider yourself lucky. (photos @ livejournal.com - thanks Bill)

· Boston University to launch student sex rag. Let's hope it's more exciting than this one was. (Adrants)


· Missing the Olympics and all that hot beach volleyball action? Maybe some Brazilian women's soccer will help tide you over until 2008. (flabber.nl)

· Hot cars + big root vegetables + geeks with way too much time on their hands = the erotic world of Exhaust Insertions! (nottingham.ac.uk, via Coolios)

· Admit it: you've always wanted to see the Czech Minister of Education naked, right? Well, you're in luck! (sweb.cz, via Attu)

· Nicki Hilton gets one step closer to earning her bimbo badge in this month's issue of Stuff. Volumes 1 through 47 of her sex video to follow. (photos @ The Superficial)

· Meanwhile, guess whose Halloween costume is a big seller this season? Hint: Night vision camera and rhinestone-studded knee pads not included. (halloween-costumes-online.blogspot.com)

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