Rectal Romance: "The Surrender"


For anyone who's curious about sodomy but haven't experienced it yet for themselves (you know who you are), former New York City Ballet dancer Toni Bentley's new 205-page "erotic memoir" describing her 298 anal experiences sounds like the perfect vicarious introduction to the ins and outs of backdoor love: "I am a regular woman. I don't want lots of pain, lots of bleeding, and I certainly don't want lots of shit everywhere. You can help by being extremely hygenic, having good digestion ... But no, there was absolutely zero shit factor. If there had been I wouldn't have done it." Just in case you were wondering.

"Rectal Romance" (book review and author interview @ Salon, free day pass required - thanks Tyler) "The Ballerina Who Bent" (NY Observer) Preorder: "The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir" (Amazon)

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Update More on the New York Times' hot buttsex obsession review of the book at Gawker: "The Only Good Books Are Really Dirty Books"


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