Nathaniel Welch: "Spring Broke"

October 8, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We finally got around to buying a copy of "Spring Broke", Nathaniel Welch's amazing photographic project which documents the annual "festival of sun and sin, of tanned flesh and binge drinking, (which) attracts thousands of high school and college students who wash up on Florida
s shores like schools of breeding salmon, ready to indulge their insatiable appetites and hedonistic desires with total strangers." Translation: an entire volume of hot girls and guys gone wild that almost make us miss all those beer-bong hangovers and STDs of our bright college years. Almost.

"Spring Broke" (photos @, via Boing Boing/TowleRoad)
"Spring Broke" (book info @
Order: "Spring Broke" (Amazon)

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