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October 8, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


An extra juicy holiday weekend edition, just in case we do too many grappa shots for Columbus Day and get a late start next Monday:

· Full-frontal nude portrait of Donald Trump nauseates patrons of Brooklyn vegetarian restaurant. As if having to eat those tofu blintzes wasn't bad enough. (WOW Report)

· Show someone you care this weekend by giving them a virtual breast enlargement. We promise it won't hurt. (Photoshop tutorial @ adultnetsurprise.com, via del.icio.us)

· Hardcore Gossip gets to interview Penthouse Pet of the Year Sunny Leone and go on an exclusive photo tour of Jenna Jameson's crib. We're jealous. (Hardcore Gossip)

· Can't make it to Warsaw this weekend? Adultcon in Los Angeles is just a domestic plane ride away. (info @ adultcon.com; long sound file warning)

· Humorless nurses manage to put an end to Christina Aguilera's Skechers ad, calling it "harmful" and "negative". How do they think Christina feels now? (Adrants)

· This is one of those wacky Japanese fetish things, right? Bitchslap Contest Girls. (utk.edu, via Screenhead)


· The good news: Janine Lindemulder has completed her first hardcore boy/girl photo shoot. The not-so-good news: You'll have to pay for a membership to EarlMiller.com to see the pics. (AVN)

· Who says the GOP and porn don't mix? (Quick Time video @ blennus.com - thanks Rick)

· Then again, liberals have already coopted sex for everything from environmental awareness to politics—so why stop at genetic engineering? (chicagothong.org)

· Everything you always wanted to know about anal piercing and vaginal piercing, but were afraid to ask. Or look at. (interviews & photos @ BME; video @ Canal 96)

· You have to admire a webmaster who's able to insert an 18 inch dildo and update his site at the same time. Here's to multitasking! (gaytaboo.com)

· Great moments in Howard Stern, courtesy of the Village Voice: "How about a blumpkin?"


· Sometimes we like our upskirt shots uncomplicated by anything highbrow like ... oh, HTML. It is Friday, right? (open directory @ minijupes.free.fr)

· Because the id, at heart, is just a horny, foul-mouthed college dude: Fake Ass Videos (fakeassvideos.com)

· After 16 years in the hutch, Playboy is bringing back its bunny hostesses, with "up to date" ears and tail "for the new millennium"—whatever that involves. (news.com.au)

· What's better than a big set of breasts? Why, lots of sets of little ones, of course. (rsc.cx - thanks Lee)

· Another site featuring sexy naked celebrities from Italy. Don't these people do anything else? (xoom.virgilio.it, via YDM)

· Confidential to everyone who wrote in to ask us to post the video of professional homewrecker Rebecca Loos jerking off a pig: No. (The Sun UK)

· Finally, don't forget your last chance to donate to the Blogger Boobie-Thon for Breast Cancer, which ends Sunday. Find a cure or bust!

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