Kate Beckinsale's Boobs

October 8, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Has Kate Beckinsale really succumbed to the siren call of silicone, or are the allegations made by fellow British actress Sienna Guillory that Kate had a clause put in her latest contract "saying she can't be filmed bending over at more than a 45 degree angle because her boob implants slide up to her collar bone" merely an instance of Hollywood boobbackbiting? We're still busted out from following Tera Patrick's titty trail yesterday to do much investigating, so the best we can offer is a pair of side-by-side shots one of our readers found while poking around the newsgroups this morning to help you draw your own conclusions—as well as a few fakes we found today too, just for fun.

"Kate can't bend after boob job" (hindustanitimes.com - thanks Sanj; also spotted @ Defamer)
"The Ugliest Breasts in Hollywood" (Awful Plastic Surgery, 3.2004 - thanks Scott)

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Kate Beckinsale, Then and Now? (click for larger version - thanks B.)


Kate Beckinsale fakes:


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