How To: Build Your Own Gloryhole


You might think that the most difficult part of building your own gloryhole setup for home use is finding some comely stranger to stick their parts through it, but according to the ever-resourceful Britney at Cum On Britney you'll have to exercise some careful measuring and construction skills even before you get around to testing your powers of persuasion: "Start small and measure the lowest point of the opening to the underside of the breast where it's attached to the breast-bone not the underside of the boob itself. Then gradually expand the breast holes until you can squeeze through the entire boob. It's better to use the smallest holes possible as tits are quite flexible." While we're glad she was so thorough in her instructions, we're wishing there were more tips about getting someone to help us test things out as well. Somehow, using the line "Wanna come up and see my latest DIY project?" hasn't been working for us as much as we'd like.

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