Jesse Jane on Howard Stern

September 29, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Digital Playground porn princess Jesse Jane appeared on the Howard Stern Show this morning, and "Rashomon"-like, Adult FYI presents two different versions of what transpired. A few things are certain, though: she spent much of her on-air time promoting her new video and website; she likes using a lipstick vibrator to get off, despite the fact that she's currently dating Tommy Lee (!); and she's been hit on by Britney Spears (old news, actually, but still). We've also received two sightings of Jesse on the town in NYC this week, but we'll save those for our next "In The Flesh" post. Stay tuned.

"Jesse Jane in Tickle Chair" and "Stern Version of Jesse Jane Events" (Adult FYI)
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Vibrating Lipstick (Eros Boutique)

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