Paris Hilton Sex Tape, Part LXVIII?

September 27, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Here we go again - News of the World is apparently reporting the existence of a new Paris Hilton sex tape, this one "lasting a staggering 12 hours" and showing everyone's favorite overexposed heiress and erstwhile burger-shiller "smoking cannabis and being intimate with two different lovers", including exes Nick Carter and Jason Shaw. Judging from the not-always-reliable source (and the lack of any other evidence), we're not holding our breath - and surely not even Paris is stupid enough to have sex on camera for 12 hours? But we still thought you'd want to have time to prepare yourself for the inevitable stupor-inducing media onslaught and elaborately packaged DVD special holiday edition ("Paris Alexanderfuck", anyone?) in case it turns out to be the real deal.

"Hilton In New Sex Tape Shame" ( - thanks Bill)
Thumbnail: Paris @ GUESS? Online

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