Hole And A Heartbeat

December 12, 2006 | Posted in Amateur by jonno


By now we're more than convinced that hardcore music and hardcore sex are a natural fit, though the focus is always on the girls (and with all those deliciously tattooed curves to be found, we're not complaining.) Philly-based paysite Hole and a Heartbeat jumps on the alt bandwagon and makes it their own with a crew of nine heavily tattooed dudes with attitude and a collective urge to fill up some holes. The four pages of the membership preview tour show shots from videos of them banging away at a variety of hot girls, but we have to admit that it took us a while to figure out that there were actually any girls involved at all: between the picture on the home page, the profiles of crew members and the text about the "sickest, hottest, sexxxiest tattooed dudes," we were totally expecting to see hot man-on-man action all over the place. Because, you know, if you only need a hole and a heartbeat, does it really matter who those things belong to?- AR

· Hole And A Heartbeat (holeandaheartbeat.com)

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