In The Flesh: Big Gay Edition

September 23, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


One good thing about doing these porn star sightings posts less often than we used to is that we get to save up a bunch to do a whole separate one featuring the men of gay porn. Let the innocent, non-invasive stalking begin!

· "Tag Eriksson was at The Cock in NYC last Saturday night, looking very tall and very buff in a white tank top and jeans. My friend and I decided to have a drink every time we saw him standing in line to use the bathroom stall (we lost count at four - boy, for a big guy he sure has a tiny bladder! Or something!), and later on we saw him elbowing his way through the 'recreation area' on the side of the bar - apparently not in search of a quick blow job before closing time, since he wouldn't let anyone touch him."

· "I was walking past Nieman Marcus on Union Square in SF the other day when Arpad Miklos (thumbnail) nearly knocked me over while walking past me. He's way bigger than I would have ever imagined. Even when dressed."


· "While taking my lunch break from my ho-hum office job South-of-Market, I saw Michael Solider getting out of a cab with Dick Wolf (pictured). MIchael was holding a bunch of bags and stuff. Dick looking adorably scruffy and hot as usual."

· "Jason Adonis and someone who looked like his girlfriend (!) were eating at the Sausage Factory (!!) in the Castro the other night with some other guy who may have been a porn star too, but I didn't recognize him. Jason was wearing a white button-down shirt, unbuttoned down to there so you could see his hot pecs. His girlfriend unit was wearing a glittery mini-skirt ensemble and looked short."

· "Seen at the Faultline fundraiser over Sunset Junction weekend in LA: bald and goateed Rik Jammer in skintight vinyl, looking hot and getting felt up by every barechested daddy that could get their hands on him; Trent Cougar in leather armbands and ripped jeans, allowing for a nice view of his big bouncing package, unmolested until someone asked him for an autograph, and then he was swarmed by guys; and director Drew Warner in a faux-hawk, barechested in baggy jeans that barely stayed around his waist and a jockstrap band peeking out. I believe this is called an 'easy access' outfit."

· "Am I on drugs, or did I just see Marcus Iron on a gardening show on HGTV? And wasn't that Pete Kuzak on 'Designer Challenge' a few weeks ago? Maybe I'm watching too much porn and am starting to hallucinate."

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