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September 23, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


It's finally fall in Porn Valley, which means the porn stars are coming out of hiding - how else do we explain why we haven't received any sightings tips for a whole month? ("In The Flesh" sightings are sent in by readers - if you have one, send it here.)

· "I saw Ashley Blue at Ralph
s in the Valley. She was at the deli counter, getting what, I don
t know, but I just read on that it was a block of cheese. I don
t remember what she was wearing. I mean, I know she was wearing clothing, but I was too busy reviewing the mental image I have of her fisting her mouth. With a giant hunk of cheese, of course."

· "Jesse Jane and Ann Marie (thumbnail) were waiting a few people in line ahead of me for Big Thunder Mountain at Walt Disney World last week! Both were casually dressed
shorts, t-shirts, ponytails, etc.
and were happy and giggling as schoolgirls. So refreshing to see two naturally beautiful porn girls without eight tons of make-up on."

· "I
m positive that I saw Mari Possa driving down the 101 in her hot car, a red Z. She was wearing big Jackie-O shades and a teeny, tiny tank top. The top was down. On her car, not her (dammit!) No Wayans riding shotgun, either."


· "Last night (Wednesday) at Aura the pornerati were out in force at the release party for Digital Playground
s "Island Fever 3". I saw their contract girls Teagan, Devon and Jesse Jane, along with Mari Possa, Seymore Butts, Syren, Gia Jordan, Evan Stone, Gia Paloma, Mr. Marcus, Mickey G., Ann Marie, Kim Chambers, Kimberly Kane, Alexis Malone, Keylani Lei (pictured) ... whew! I love having friends who can get me on the guest list for these things ... "

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