Craig Doty

September 14, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot-com


Since we're busy taping up windows and stuff, we'll let Gawker Media's own editorial director describe this one: "Craig Doty is a sick little pervert with a freshly minted BFA and a two-person show at Chicago's 1R Gallery under his belt. His 2002 series 'Chiefed' includes pictures of passed-out jocks with obscenities like I [HEART] COCK CHUGGING scrawled on their faces. And poor eponymous 'Craig': He fell down the steps while sneaking out of his suburban house, shattering his beer bottle and probably his teeth, too. Very John Hughes meets John Waters meets John Lydon." And, may we add, very hot.

Craig Doty (portfolio @, via Road)

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