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September 14, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot-com


Fleshbot would also like to remind you of the disclaimer to this fabulous open directory of Playboy centerfolds from 1955 through 2002, which clearly states that the material has been made available "in the name of research, in the public interest, satire, etc.". Therefore, please have a pen and paper handy (for note-taking purposes) while browsing, and make sure you keep both hands on the keyboard where we can see them. Thanks for your cooperation.

Index of stuff/playboy-playmates (open directory @ - thanks Ben)
Thumbnail: Miss October 1969 Jean Bell

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Update Well, it was fun while it lasted - but it seems the site is down for the count. (Yes, we're as bummed as you are.) Until it comes back, we offer the following to tide you over; keep your fingers crossed in the meantime.

Playmate Directory (non-nude database @ - popup warning)
The Women of Playboy (text-only directory @

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