Return of the Nerdcore Babes


We think it's pretty well established by this point that chicks like to play video games too; no fan of Fleshbot could ever dispute the claim given the number of girls we've shown you who are eager to prove that they know how to handle a plasma rifle and can look hot doing it. Having said that, we don't want to discourage any more women from continuing to pose seductively with their consoles and other nerdy gadgets to prove their mettle (and sending the pictures, of course) or from entering the "Miss Video Game" contest, an online pageant that appears to be created simply to find people who like video games and have boobs. (We never even got past the third level of Donkey Kong, so gals, please ... show us your tips!)

· Cassie, Chelsea, Trotsky and Izzy (model galleries @, via · Miss Video Game ( · "Hey, Girls, Win a Trip to the Beach With the Miss Video Game Pageant!" (Kotaku)

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