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For the bloggers featured in today's roundup of some of our favorite sex writing on the web this week, nothing melts on the tongue like the taste of fresh meat: there's always a new lover to make your mouth water somewhere, whether in your local dive bar or the school gym or a vacation resort. And even if that first bite may prove tough to swallow, you're probably going to want to gorge sooner or later.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by Jefferson

- - -

Chapter Two: Fucking Machines (Part Two)
She has such an innocent face, the Mexican girl does, her doll-like features framed by a smooth mane of jet-black hair. Somehow this innocence is not marred by the presence of my penis in her mouth. Her hungry slobbering takes me by surprise. It might have something to do with my dawning appreciation that Jasmin is, after all, somebody's mom. Then again, it might also have something to do with our having exchanged all of three words since we've met.
- Naked Loft Party

- - -

I acted cool, but I could hardly contain my excitement, my desire. We chatted a bit more, our hands met. So civilized. But I ached to get her out of here and into my bed, any bed! I wanted to put my hands all over her pale body, touch her and taste her, fill her up and make her moan. I could see her eyes glancing at my chest and my arms, the lust in her eyes mirroring mine.

We were interrupted.
- Handsome White Boy's Blues

- - -

My First Blog!
"R" asked if I minded meeting him at work. No problem, I thought. Then I realized he works at my son's old elementary school! Hmmmmm, a tad awkward, maybe. But off I trudge first thing in the morning before the sun has even come up. I pulled behind the school to see the local church leader putting a sign on the back door to mark the way for congregants to gain passage to the school auditorium where the church meets. So much for separation of Church and State. I slip into my heels and click my way around the sidewalk to the front of the building.
Suburban Sex Worker

- - -

The Lure of Darkness
I've never thought of it like this before. Never wanted it like this before.

Not with this frequency.

Never with this intensity.

Share yourself with me. Surrender yourself to me. Put an end to my torment.
- Easily Aroused

- - -

I've been chatting with this married guy. He wants to meet me. I sort of want to meet him. The fact that I really shouldn't play around with this guy is part of what's driving my interest in him. He's just looking for friends (with benefits), as am I. We could be friends. I just have this feeling that the sex is going to be hotter because I shouldn't be doing it.
- Below the Radar

- - -

Good Features
S's cock is not massive. It's not one of those thick, beautiful things that you hold in your whole palm and just have to kiss. It's uncut, about medium size, and his foreskin's really tight so you can't roll it down and lick the head, which is one of my favourite things to do with boys. It's really sensitive too, which precludes a lot of the playing that I usually enjoy. He doesn't like having his nipples sucked, it makes him twitch, and he can take or leave the hours of licking/stroking I usually do. So, basically, none of the things I do or like, that make me, I think, a good person to have sex with, impress him much.
- Keep Out of Trouble

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