Budapest Sex Parade

September 1, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot-com


Maybe one of our readers who's better versed in Finno-Ugrian languages than we are can pitch in and help us translate the text accompanying this huge gallery of snaps taken during a street celebration in Budapest last weekend so we can get a better idea what it was all about. In the meantime, though, we guess there's nothing wrong with just enjoying the photos for their own sake. Sometimes, partial ignorance can be bliss too.

Budapest Parade 2004 (photos @

Update A reader points us to this event description, which calls the Budapest floating party "something like a cross between London's Notting Hill Carnival and Berlin's (albeit defunct) Love Parade". Yeah, that's what we thought. Thanks Chris!

And Fleshbot reader Gwen offers this "rough translation of a pretty boring text":

"Perhaps we could have taken our photos somewhere else this year than at the porno stars' float, no. 41, the 'Hypnose and Tutti-Frutti [Hungarian porn magazines] Party' float, which also accommodated Imre Antal, distributor of 'LUXx DVD Magazine', 'Fokusz Porno Star DVD Magazine' and the newspaper 'Moricka'? Unfortunately, because of the huge crowds we weren't able to photograph all the floats, but are comforted by the fact that we took the most pictures of pussy (and listened to the hardest minimal techno in Hypnose DJ's set).

"Introduction of the brand new 'I SUCK' t-shirt was undoubtedly a success, the dancing girls stylishly took over the streets in pink and white party dresses. The crowd was grateful to see even more young girls requesting 'I SUCK' t-shirts for their lily-white bodies. It was so warm that Maya Gold and Victoria Swinger removed their panties in front of the cameras, but if anyone was prepared for the Parade it was Monique Covet. She didn't have panties on either - why would she have?

"Fate led Vadri to the floats. I took some photos as I'd promised long ago, of her with her huge green eyes."

Hmm, doesn't sound so boring to us. Thanks Gwen!

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