Girls on the Toilet

Girls on the Toilet

Since we stumbled across this collection of pics just a few days after we found out about an art exhibition in Los Angeles which shares the very same subject matter, we're forced to declare a hot new sex trend: are girls on the toilet the new Atkins porn? Sure, there's no nudity save for the occasional glimpse of exposed thigh and/or hip, but you have to admit that there are some real cuties here. Adorableness aside, however, can we expect candid shots of girls enjoying their Special Moments to reach the same level of online saturation as other recent popular porn motifs like chicks with guns, crush fetish videos, and dirtpipe milkshakes? We'll just have to wait and see. (PS - That can of Lysol in the thumbnail pic is a nice touch, don't you think?)

· Les filles aux toilette (, via Touché Sexy)

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