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August 25, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot-com


If these are indeed real photos of a US servicewoman in Iraq, we really can't blame her for forgetting to delete them from the hard drive of the public computer she was using after sending them to a lucky fellow back home, what with the heat and confusion and the constant strain of a battle that shows no sign of letting up anytime soon and all. Sounds almost too good to be true - but once again, we prefer to think that at least someone seems to be having a good time over there.

"Female Soldier Busted!" (photos @ - thanks Jean-Luc)

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Update At least one Fleshbot reader has his doubts regarding the provenance of the photos - more after the jump.

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A "Dedicated Fleshbot Peruser" writes:

"These could be legit, but I wonder about her clearly Eastern European looks and the really rundown apartment she's in. It COULD be an Iraqi hovel occupied by soldiers with a fully functioning internet connection, although that sounds unlikely. On the other hand, the weapon is current standard issue for the military and the clear lack of production value (too much flash, too much movement) show the signs of an amateur photographer.

"Also tipping this towards the believable category is the fact that her boob job isn't the greatest. As has been brought to our attention over the last few months, a number of women soldiers get fake breasts courtesy of the US Army. Their word is that Uncle Sam's boob jobs are of the "Not-Up-To-Hollywood-Much-Less-The-San-Fernando-Valley" quality, so take that for what it's worth.

"My buddy in Iraq might be able to clear this up though - he might even know her!"

Another reader, though, finds this corraborating evidence:

"In one of the pictures, the female subject poses beside a box of Tylos bottled water.

"A quick Google search, using 'Tylos' and 'water' as keywords, reveals that Tylos is owned by Al-Sayer Group, a Kuwaiti-based soft-drink and bottled water (among other things) importer/exporter. Their website is here.

"This one piece of evidence supports the geographic legitimacy of the photographs - it's as close to Iraq as one can get."

We'll be waiting for further updates. In the meantime, more comments and info are welcome.

Update 12/15/2004 The debate continues at Fark, which seems to have discovered the photos nearly four months after we did. (You can also see the photos here, and more Fleshbot coverage of sexy soldier stories here and here. )

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