Thanks Remy!

August 16, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by nicka

We have to admit we initially felt a little nervous about leaving Fleshbot in the hands of a panting, drooling stranger for ten days (even if he wasn't exactly a stranger, and doesn't drool that much), but we needn't have worried: Remy did a great job last week, bringing you everything from Charlotte Church's nipple and fake Jim McGreevey nudes to chloroform sex and Olympic trannies as if he were born with a tube of KY in one hand and a sticky keyboard in the other. We hope the experience didn't scar him emotionally too much, because if there's one thing that Gawker Media is cheaper about than vacation time, it's paying for therapy bills.

And speaking of therapy bills - join us in welcoming Jessica Coen as the new editor of our big city sister site Gawker today. Here's hoping her monthly stipend at least covers enough Wild Turkey and Marlboro Lights to get her through the week.

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