How To: Make Your Own Facials

August 24, 2006 | Posted in Celebrity by jonnobot


Sure, all those sites featuring fake celebrity facials that we were so taken by some time ago might make the art of Photoshopped cumshots look easy, but the truth is that there's an exacting digital science to creating convincing globs of semen on the otherwise unblemished skin of your favorite fantasy object. Leave it to ejaculatory expert Britney to point perverts of all persuasions to an online tutorial that explains the step-by-step process of pulling as many pearl necklaces out of your cap as you have the time and interest to, thus saving you all that money you'd spend on Kleenex for cleaning up afterwards. (PS - We can't want to see what kind of Google search traffic this post title gets; if you're looking for tips on how to make those other kinds of facials, look here. But we still like Britney's method better.)

· Fake Semen in Photoshop (a how-to tutorial) (, originally posted @ - thanks Tom)

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