Chloroform Fantasies

August 12, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot-com

Chloroform Fantasies

We can't say we totally understand the world of chloroform (we try to keep toxic chemicals out of the bedroom, thank you), but as for the idea of rendering people helpless, well, that has a long history. Chloroform, just in case you're not up to speed, is a colorless liquid that acts as an anesthetic when it's inhaled. More than a century ago, it was used by doctors during medical procedures, but it was abandoned because of safety concerns. (It can be fatal if it's not used correctly - and it causes cancer, too.) Unlike, say, the guys from Jackass, chloroform fetish films don't use the actual substance on the set. But if you're interested in watching people pretend they've been drugged with dangerous chemical, look no further. (R.S.)

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