O.R.R. Belgium: Medical Fetish Video

O.R.R. Belgium: Medical Fetish Video

Is there anything in the Hippocratic Oath that says a doctor can't videotape an assortment of potentially fetishistic medical procedures and sell those recordings as porn on the web? Regardless, Antwerp, Belgium-based O.R.R. opened in 2000 as a professional surgical fetish clinic specializing in "medical documentation" and according to the site, these are real surgeons and nurses who offer a wide-ranging menu of urological, gynaecological, proctological, cosmetic, orthopedic, and dental procedures to fulfill the lustiest of white masked, blue frocked fantasies. See the short (but in most cases, way more than you need to see) video clips here for free, pay for a membership to see the entire operation, from scalpel to suture—or best of all, submit an inquiry form and get an estimate on that custom job you've been dreaming of.

· O.R.R. Belgium (o-r-r.com)

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