Myskina and the GQ Lawsuit

August 9, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot-com


Celebrity topless photos! A lawsuit! Russian tennis star and French Open winner, Anastasia Myskina, smacked GQ and Conde Nast with a $8 million lawsuit over the weekend, claiming that topless photos of her were sold to a Russian magazine without permission. Apparently, the photos were taken for an October 2002 GQ spread, but the only pic that was published - the only one the 23-year-old was comfortable with - featured her fully clothed. Somehow, though, the photos slipped out of Conde Nast's greasy hands and ended up in the July/August issue of Medved magazine. Now, we wouldn't even know where to find this shady Russian magazine if we wanted to, but a loyal Fleshbot reader provided us a link to a site that has the pics of Myskina in all her glory. Yum. (R.S.)

Myzkina in GQ ( - link dead)
"Ace serves writ over topless shots" (
"Myskina files $8 million federal lawsuit" (MSNBC)

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