Japanese Panty School

Japanese Panty School

We're sure there are always a few extra minutes in your day for a morsel of Japanese porn strangeness: If you click twice through the cartoon of the crazy-looking old woman twice (we think she's supoosed to be the madam of a brothel, or maybe a schoolmarm or someone's grandmother—it's hard to tell), you'll arrive at the front gate of what looks to be a school or a hospital of some kind. Click on the picture book icon on the lower left and you'll find several pages' worth of hot Japanese upskirt panty fetish photos ... but watch out for that same crazy cartoon woman, who pops up midway through the book. If anyone can tell us what's going on here, we'd be most appreciative; in the meantime, though, we're just going to keep flipping through those pages to see if we learn anything.

-A. Tolesco

· Japanese Panty School (?) (664433.com)

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