Sex Toy of the Week: The JackHammer


We have to admit that we weren't quite sold either when we saw a prototype of The JackHammer at the AVN Expo last month; despite its manufacturers' claims, it didn't seem terribly sturdy to us, and we were having a hard time imagining how comfortable a pogo stick-mounted dildo would actually be. (Like edible underpants, it's the kind of thing that sounds better as a concept.) Now that they've added a (rather explicit) video demo and some photos of the device in action to their website, however, we're starting to get a better idea of its potential—and even if it's not quite "the best SexToy's experience since the SexToy's invention" as claimed, it's something we'd definitely love to get our hands on one of these days. Not to mention other parts.

JackHammerSexToy (product info, photos, and .wmv video @, via Sex Drive Daily)

See also: "This Pogo Stick's for Adults Only" (Regina Lynn @ Wired)

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