Miss France 2006: Alexandra Rosenfeld


The voting is over and Miss France 2006 has been crowned: from Languedoc, Alexandra Rosenfeld was chosen by the judges and the public to represent all French hotties for the upcoming year. Along with some of her fellow contestants, Alexandra has a blog; featuring candid snaps of Alexandra (whose nickname, inexplicably, is "Pancakes") on the runway and hanging out with friends, it's a strictly G-rated affair. Now that she's famous, though, we're sure there will be plenty of Euros on offer to change that. (We just hope the French are enlightened enough not to yank her prize if she decides to pose nude, á la our own Vanessa Williams ... or for that matter, Miss France 2004, Laetitia Bléger.)- J. West

· Alexandra Rosenfeld, Miss France 2006 (touchesexy.blogs.com) · Skyblog de Pancakes (pancakes.skyblog.com)

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