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August 24, 2005 | Posted in Pornstars by violet


This week's installment of some of the best sex writing on the web gives us a bit more to chew on than usual: in addition to the usual assortment of blowjobs, fingering, heated trysts and juicy mouthfuls, you'll also find plenty of clandestine sex, cock pump experiments, dirty talk advice, trampling fetishism, titty-slaps, and much more after the jump. Afetr all, isn't variety supposed to be the spice of life? V. Blue

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Sex Blog Roundup
by Violet Blue

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"She toys with my nipples, and grinds herself to me. My hands slide to caress the tightest ass I may have ever gotten my hands on. She wiggles to my spread fingers. I suck her tongue into my mouth hard, and her right hand glides down between us, grasping my cock through my clothes.

I snarled. Not growled. Snarled."
(Unfettered Cravings)


How to Talk Dirty
"Melodrama aside, here are some of my favorite links with advice on how to talk dirty to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, illicit sex plaything, or next obscene phone call victim. After you read the articles, try them out- it'll give you something to do on a Friday night besides read my blog. Not that there's anything wrong with that..."
(Talking Dirty)


On Acquiring Kinks
"Wanting to please our partners we absorb theirs. Foot and boot worship must
ve been present in some level already. But it was Alexandra
s strong sexual connection with her feet that made retifism one of my most satisfying kinks.

The pleasure I get in being trampled (a bad name for being walked on) comes from her pleasure in it."
(Down On My Knees)


Strangely familiar
"'Goddamn, looking at you turns me on so much,' he declared as he slapped my tits. This is one of Seth
s lovely talents
he has a great slap: kinda soft and without much of a sting, but each slap is nice and loud and creates a lot of jiggle. He slapped the sides of my tits until my nipples, already moist from his mouth, stood at attention. I undid his belt buckle and dropped to my knees in front of him."
(Waking Vixen)


I Want A Lover With An Easy Touch
"What I
d like is to have my cock oiled by soft, warm, feminine hands, until I
m long and hard and glistening. I want to experience a touch that glides up and down my rigid flesh with a measured pace, that flows over my cock in drawn-out waves of leisurely sensation. I want subtle fingertips that tenderly stir my heavy balls, alluring palms that caress my shaft like it
s gossamer. I want to be teased and coaxed, to have my climax slowly drawn from my flesh, not propelled like a speeding bullet."
(Easily Aroused)


Hey, Jealousy!
"How can I be involved with Jefferson, who is involved with other people, and not be jealous?

How can I be involved with Marcus, the misunderstood slut, who has regular fuckbuddies and sex clients- the graphic details of which he shares with me and not feel jealous?

Madeline, how do you avoid feelings of jealousy?


I don
(Madeline in the Mirror)


Naked Sexual Incompatibility
"I have a very sensitive pussy. Always have. Always will
I can
t see what would make that change. The clients with whom I have the best time appreciate this and get the most out of our meetings. I can relax knowing I won
t get hurt or sore. And when I
m relaxed, you
re relaxed.

My alarm bells went off loud and clear when this fellow pulled the lips apart as if he were searching for a lost penny..."
(A London Ebony Escort Blog)


Adventures in Cock Pumping
"My favorite part was when the head finally popped through the sleeve and up into the chamber; it had grown fucking ENORMOUS. I kept pumping away, drawing my cock further north and swelling it to even larger proportions. I got this weird thrill, like I was a mad scientist bringing Frankenstein to life. IT'S ALIIIIVE!!"
(Juicy Pair)


The kinky librarian
"I have a client, Vincent, who adores the kinky librarian fantasy. For our dates I dress in working garb - tailored suits with knee length skirts and buttoned-up shirts. But beneath these workaday trappings lie garters and sexy underwear. I don glasses and eschew the gel I often affix my hair with and act very proper while we dine or are otherwise publicly occupied. Unlike many fantasies I encounter where the raison d'etre is for the man to find himself corrupting me, this particular fantasy deals with the tigress within me aching to be set free. When the time is right, I am meant to divest myself of the properness my appearance belies and jump wholeheartedly into passionate embraces and raucous fucking..."
(Postmodern Courtesan)

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