Knotty Silk Scarf


When presented with the term "knotty silk scarf", most Americans think their locomotive is about to be robbed. Let's just chalk that up to our Culture of Fear™. In fact, Knotty Silk Scarf is a site chock full of found and amateur bondage photography and video, including "DiDCAPS," which are screen captures of Damsels in Distress depicted in American and Spanish-language soap operas.

"The soaps are unique in that, unlike TV or movies, bondage scenes can take place over many episodes. Hence, the heroine is often tied up in different ways and is gagged and re-gagged numerous times."

The webmasters stress that every image of crime intrigue is "obviously make-believe," so whether you're in the train or tied to the track, there is something on Knotty Silk Scarf for everyone.- G. Ponante

Knotty Silk Scarf (

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