Unsexy Outdoor Sports


Porn sites which feature sexy naked women fishing, horseback riding, and otherwise enjoying the great outdoors? Totally hot. Porn sites which feature videos of models having hardcore sex next to the bloody carcasses of wild buffalo they've just shot with a hunting rifle? Not hot at all—at least according to AVN, who are taking a stand against the proprietors of the South Florida-based Sexy Outdoor Sports website (which we featured here last year): "Questions about the morality of the legalized hunting of animals aside, combining that practice with pornography ... is repugnant, depraved and inexcusable." Maybe there's such a thing as taking that whole women and meat concept a little too far after all.

"Alternative Modeling Severs Ties with Porn/Animal Killing Outfit" (AVN) "Drawing the Line" (editorial @ AVN)

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Update The dead horse beating (sorry) continues ...

· "Adult Industry Animal Lovers Set Sights on Animal-Killing/Porn Company" · "Genesis Disqualifies Duxxx from Sex Star Hunt Contest"

Read SexyOutdoorSports.com's response to the AVN brouhaha here.

Update More discussion @ the KSex Radio forums, via the same reader who reminds us that AVN printed a glowing review of the Sexy Outdoor Sports site in 2003. (Thanks, Dave!)


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