Helmut Newton, 1920-2004

January 23, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbotmod


Helmut Newton, one of the undisputed masters of 20th century erotic photography, died in a car crash in Los Angeles this afternoon. He was 83.

Helmut Newton (biography by JG Ballard @ Eyestorm)
Helmut Newton: Retrospective (2003 exhibition @ Moscow House of Photography)
Helmut Newton: Autoerotic (newton-autoerotic.de)
"Too Many Naked Women" (Salon)
Helmut Newton's "Sumo" @ Taschen and helmut-newton.de
Helmut Newton - Art Images (list of Internet images @ OCAIW)
Helmut Newton, "Sex and Landscapes" (swissart.net)
Books by Helmut Newton (Amazon)

Update: Newton's obituary at the Washington Post is the best we've read so far: "Technically, his work was always glossy, pretty, perfect. But his subject matter was often raw, disconcerting and unnerving. He explored the darker side of sexuality -- the place where pleasure, pain, joy and anger all converge."
"Helmut Newton Saw Dark Side Of a Dream" (obituary @ Washington Post)

More Newton links at the newly refurbished Daze Reader (welcome back!)

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